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Benefits to Using an Outside Recruiter

  1. The amount of time an internal manager spends on posting a job, screening, interviewing, negotiating, and ultimately hiring candidates can be overwhelming.  This is time taken away from their day to day duties.
  2. In today’s tight labor market, top talent is out there but not necessarily looking for a new job.  A good recruiter is skilled at sourcing the right candidates – not the ones that are “available”.  This is very time consuming and there are no shortcuts.
  3. Confidentiality.  A candidate is much more likely to discuss and negotiate what is important to them with a third party.  Keeping the best interests of both the client and the candidate results in a mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Modus Operandi

  • Thoroughly understand your needs and objectivesSlide1
  • Candidate search, screen, and interview
  • Presentation of only qualified candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Job Offer negotiations
  • On boarding and new hire follow-up


Fees and Other Services Offered

We do not believe there is a one size-fits-all fee for our clients.  Too many variables such as type of positions, volume of searches, payment terms, etc.  We will be happy to evaluate your wants and needs and come up with a solution that works best for you.

Additional / Alternative Services to Permanent Placement:

Contract Staffing

Temp to Perm Staffing


Pre-employment Screening and Background Checking


Submit a Job Order

We offer an online form that allows our clients to submit orders electronically to fill positions they have.

Submit a Job Order 


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